Chisom unleashes the power of ‘Bracelets’

Detroit-born, D.C.-based Nigerian-American artist Chisom is proud to unveil his much-anticipated album, ‘Bracelets.’ The twelve-track project is a masterful blend of hip-hop, afro-pop, soul, and alternative sounds that encapsulates Chisom’s struggle to break free from materialism and societal constraints.

A powerful metaphor for handcuffs, ‘Bracelets’ represents Chisom’s unwavering desire to escape the boundaries of genre and societal expectations. As a primary hip-hop artist, Chisom boldly fuses the genre with afro-pop, soul, and alternative music elements to create a truly unforgettable experience.

Chisom’s disheartening encounter inspired the title track with the police, which led him to transmute his frustrations into a captivating and meaningful piece of art. “Bracelets” showcases Chisom’s incredible ability to use music for healing, reflection, and growth. With a unique sound that celebrates his African roots and his passion for vintage east coast hip-hop, Chisom is committed to pushing the boundaries of the genre. His music explores meaningful observations on American society while paying homage to his rich heritage.

Already garnering attention from notable publications such as OkayPlayer, DJBooth, and XXL, Chisom is set to make a lasting impact with ‘Bracelets.’ As he continues to create and release new material, there is no doubt that Chisom is on his way to becoming an influential voice in the music industry.

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