Empty Machines released a new single, ‘Velvet Sky’

Empty Machines is this musical duo from Glasgow making totally unique tunes. They just put out this song “Velvet Sky” which is just stunning. The melodies are gorgeous and it gets you moving with its rhythms. It’s like familiar but new at the same time, ya know?

[embedded content]

These guys are so DIY with everything too. They made this tripped out music video to go with the song that’s just as rad as the music and you can tell they’re not about doing things the normal way. They just make what they feel, straight from the heart.

Their last song was on BBC 1, so they’re starting to get some buzz. But “Velvet Sky” feels like it’s gonna be the one to blow them up. The song shows how they keep getting better at their craft and aren’t afraid to experiment.

When you listen to “Velvet Sky” it’s like an experience not just a song. You get lost in the “velvet sky” of sounds and it takes you somewhere magical. The possibilities are endless when you open your mind and let the music take you away.

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