Christopha is ready to “Bug Out”

UK rapper Christopha recently completed his 52 week music release challenge and now returns with his latest single for 2024. The track in question is titled “Bug Out” and is a pounding anthemic piece that sees the rapper in his element as he flexes his lyrical muscles over the pulsating distorted bass line, thumping drums and urgent cinematic pads. The hard-hitting tune is perfect for one’s exercise regimen and contains a variety of rhyme schemes about pushing through adversity with pure resilience but lines like

I put these hands together and the lines they be punching
No slugging just tump em (them)
Been munching since a munchkin
Still up in the function
Getting started just spark it
Tony stark it straight running

caught our attention. Overall, the title speaks for itself and we all must join Christopha to Bug Out.

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