Circuit Faker’s “Ocular Therapy” is a psychedelic musical and visual whirlwind [Video]

Minneapolis based multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and electronica producer Circuit Faker has just unveiled his latest enthralling single and immersive music video. Called “Ocular Therapy”, the song follows the release of his experimental and kalescopic single “Terra Firma” shared last year. The new single also is the first off of his debut full length album, CIRCUMVOLVE set for release later this year.

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With “Ocular Therapy”, Circuit Faker has created a music and visualizer that mirrors his frantic worry about seeing the world the same as he did in the midst of the pandemic. COVID changed so many of us and during the lockdown, Circuit Faker like most of us was dreaming about the beauty and vastness of the world that was outside his home dwelling. Lyrics including, “I focus on the patterns / Could you come out and save me / I need some ocular therapy,” show how he is cooped up in his house looking for different images when what he really needs is to get out in the world. Musically, “Ocular Therapy” begins with a gritty bass line soon accompanied by effervescent synths and hard-hitting colorful rhythms. Circuit Faker sings soulful and infectious melodies over unique instrumentation and combustible beats making for a deeply enthralling listen. The music video is in collaboration with videographer Justin Shen and shows the intensity of his feelings of uneasiness mirrored by the video’s repetitive sequences, and the frantic cuts of various Chicago landmarks.

Circuit Faker blends electronica, synth pop, house and alternative dance for a unique and spellbounding musical melting pot. With a new album in the works and a grasp for musical ingenuity, Circuit Faker is an artist to watch. Watch “Ocular Therapy” now and explore the wonders of the world.

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