Clonethekid questions 'What Is Real?' in new album

Clonethekid returns with a new album What Is Real?, a beautifully different project with every single track exuding distinct lo-fi sounds and a soothing voice to capture the amazing songwriting. 

Clonethekid has a unique sound, which is apparent in his latest singles, such as "SRT," "Sandman," as well as his previous project "I Thought I Was Evil." While he identifies as a hip-hop and rap artist, he takes a unique distinctive path when it comes to his style. There is not one song that I heard from this artist that does not give off a surprising feeling, which tells me that Clonethekid does a great job keeping his audience entertained and intrigued.
"What Is Real?" has a clear theme throughout the project: vulnerability. Through clever songwriting, Clonethekid exposes his emotions with memorable rhymes, wordplay, and intense storytelling. This storytelling comes through on "What Is Real," "Paradise," and "Hypnotized," as he intelligently describes metaphors that tie perfectly with someone who has an old soul. This definitely ties into his poetic pen as his smooth voice allows his delivery to effortlessly gravitate towards his music as each track progresses to get more and more emotional, tugging at our heart-strings as the words paint pictures for us. The diverse range of sounds also make this album very appealing, such as the lo-fi sounds in "What Is Real" and "Shadows," and the guitar strings in "Hypnotized," "Paradise," and "Snapshot." On "Clockword Orange," we hear yet another side of Clonethekid as his soft voice emits over the upbeat sounds. Press play and enter a playground of tracks to have fun with, allowing your inner child to thrive.
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