COBRAH shares the hyper-pop banger “GOOD PUSS” [Video]

Stockholm-based artist COBRAH shares her new single “GOOD PUSS”. Following the wild “DIP N DRIP”, the single is built upon bouncy house beats and an unapologetic bassline. Capturing COBRAH at very best, the track’s obvious seduction lies with her boldness.

Celebrating queer identity, “GOOD PUSS” dials up its hyper-pop roots and slaps in house-infused sounds to produce a track that’s truly irresistible. Laced with her babydoll vocals, the track’s suggestive lyrics are celebratory of sexuality and kink. “I always set out to write POP but the songs have their own will and all I can do is try to follow that,” she explains. “With GOOD PUSS I could feel from the first demo in June that this song finally gets me and what I want to do. It really set the mark for the new COBRAH era.” 

With its throbbing beats and seductive nature, “GOOD PUSS” offers a glimpse into a world of an inclusive and sex-positive artist smashing the expected norms of pop. Dripping in latex glossiness, her music always makes you want to head to a club, get the fruity martinis in and dance your ass off til early hours of the morning. It’s clear that COBRAH’s influence may still be in its infancy, but my gosh she’s on her way to becoming the queen of erotic anthems.

COBRAH’s new self-titled EP is out May 12th via her own GAGBALL imprint.

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