CORM!! blends Country and Electronic music in ‘CORM!!’ [Album review]

Producer CORM!! is charting a whole different territory with his latest self-titled release. The 3-track project sees him teaming up with Country Music Icons, Colt Ford, Ty Herdon, and BOOMTOWN SAINTS and the result is a brilliant and seamless fusion of country music and EDM.

Corm!! opens up with “Dirt Road Anthem- Corm!! Remix” featuring Colt Ford and BOOMTOWN SAINTS, a reflective record that blends country with EDM/dance aesthetics. It starts off with a rich melodic chorus with a warm backdrop that slowly builds up and once the drops hit, the punchy four-to-the-floor drums come into play alongside moody synths and rousing rolls. The record details life in the sticks and how things were simpler back then. The lyrics are retrospective in nature and lines like “I sit back and think about them good old days/ when we were raised on our Southern ways, we like cornbread and biscuits and if it’s broke down here we fix it”, give listeners and out-of-towners a well-rounded excursion to the good old South. This is followed by “Till You Get There- Corm!! Remix”, a heartfelt and reflective tune that talks about growth and picking up the pieces after falling down. The production is punchy and rousing with its bright and rich synths and thick bass-driven EDM drums. The vocals are helmed by Ty Herndon whose emotionally engaging lyrics are augmented by his lilting melodic runs and stylish Southern inflections.

The last track on the list sees Corm!! teaming with BOOMTOWN SAINTS once again for his remix of “All Trucks Go To Heaven”. The solemn record is an ode to a truck that has been through the ringer but it’s still kicking like an old stubborn mule. The production here is quite distinct and while the EDM aesthetics shine though, the dynamics and arrangement are quite edgy and tap into the introspective theme of the song. BOOMTOWN SAINTS really know how to paint a picture with lines “Them horses ain’t as fast coming off the rail and that tailgate is barely hanging by the thread/ That Chrome’s about bit the dust, that paint can’t fight the rust/I don’t wanna give her up” and it’s almost like we have known the truck all our lives and can easily relate to the love between man and machine in this particular scenario.

Overall, this 3-track body of work is cohesive, engaging, and emotionally powerful as we listeners get a brief and concise taste of the culture out in the country.

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