Crate Classics explore liquid DnB on “No Negativity”

Joining forces to create nostalgic drum & bass energy is Crate Classics & Pesolife. Their new release “No Negativity” holds fast energy, powerful evocative vocal sounds and the classic drum & bass drums inspired by the infamous Amen Break. Released via Another Rhythm records, “No Negativity” is about embarking on a journey through the darkness, and turning anxiety and stress into relief and euphoria.

The release is a collaboration from two artists with a wealth of experience, Crate Classics have a been nominated for a Grammy after their work on Doja Cat’s album Woman, while Pesolife are a duo that consists of audio/visual creatives, Mars Meddo & Kaye Orbit. They have recently set up their own label and have worked with companies such as Birmingham City University, Abelton, Brent 2020, Nike, Fender & PRS for music.

Speaking on the new release Crate Classics have said, Embarking on a journey through the darkness into the light, we tried to highlight how to keep a positive mindset while going through what may be the hardest of times.The overall energy is chaotic bliss-encompassing anxiety, stress, relief and euphoria from beginning to end.

Throughout the track, synths, basslines and high energy female vocal samples chopped up into electronic euphoria all come together to create a fast yet smooth flow of sounds. It’s a soulful, yet subtle piece of liquid Drum n Bass, that comes as part of a new wave of  producers taking underground genres such as garage and bassline, and incorporating it with pop songwriting. See the likes of Pinkpanthress and Piri & tommy as key leaders in this approach. Having toured with industry legends such as Mark Ronson, Disclosure and Kranium, “No Negativity” is sure to take Crate Classics & Pesolife to the next level.

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