Crux advocate for artistic integrity on “Dreamseller”

Newcastle’s Crux emerged in 2019, carving a reputation for their unyielding, socially charged grungy prog-rock sound. Their latest release, “Dreamseller,” solidifies this legacy by confronting the music industry’s commodification of artists- it’s an anthem that symbolises the band’s defiance against profit-driven motives and advocates for artistic integrity.

The track’s genesis stemmed from Crux engaging with Jack Saunders’ Feedback Friday Twitch show, leveraging feedback to evolve their sound. “Dreamseller” amalgamates their signature riff-driven appeal with a more focused, forward-thinking composition, captivating listeners through both music and compelling lyrics.

While rooted in Newcastle, Crux’s creativity positions them for broader impact. “Dreamseller” not only cements their presence but also echoes a powerful, politically charged message, resonating beyond local boundaries.

As Crux propels forward with this new single, they epitomise authenticity and artistic fervour. Their magnetic compositions and unwavering commitment signal a dynamic presence within the UK’s alternative music landscape, heralding a new era of passionate musical innovation.

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