Cucina Sonora’s new project ‘SMILE’ taps into fun and free-flowing creative

Explore new environments, sounds and sleepless nights with Italian electronic producer Cucina Sonora’s new project SMILE, rooted in his signature penchant for experimentation. Blending between electro-house, melodic techno and various sub-genres, the album is build around a simple core of having fun and free-flowing sonic creativity that’s free of expectations, pretensions and preconceptions.

Harkening to the need to make music for nothing except the craft’s sake, the vibe of the immersive album is perfectly captured by lead single “Rubber Spaceship’s Mission,” a groovy production that strikes a balance between bouncy and aggressive as it urges us to turn the volume up and dance along.

Kicking off in 2015, the musical moniker of Pietro Spinelli brought to life a mix of classical piano with the most contemporary electronics, to transport us into an innovative clubbing soundscape.

A talent who continues to scale new heights, Cucina Sonora who has travelled from Berlin to Milan and beyond wins hearts across the globe.

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