DAISY returns from hiatus with emphatic "Eastside" and 'S.O.M.E.' EP announcement [Video]

With a constant and overwhelming flow of new music to listen to, it can be easy to forget about artists and groups that don't keep a relentless output of singles on the radar.  Los Angeles band DAISY hasn't released a single since 2019, but their return is so mind-numbingly groovy that you can't possibly ignore it.  "Eastside" is supremely cohesive, to the point that each listen will yield your new favorite part. 

Akin to Hiatus Kaiyote, the band is a smooth mix of soul, pop, jazz, and a plethora of additional genre winks and nods that all work together effortlessly to create songs that are, above all else, enthralling.  Produced by bassist Alex Kasvikis, you can appropriately hear the groovy bass line prominently in the mix as it drives the mood of the track along with glittering synths and a steady, no-frills drumbeat.  However, the star remains the eminently soulful vocals of frontwoman Daisy Hamel-Buffa (aka DAISY WORLD, previously featured on Tyler, the Creator's Call Me If You Get Lost) which are inescapable and incredible, steadily injecting a soulful and jazzy energy throughout the track's 5-minute runtime.  Mood music first and foremost, you simply cannot ignore the melodic positivity that drips from the song's simple brilliance.   

Along with Hamel-Buffa, DAISY consists of the aforementioned Kasvikis on bass, Ben Roswell-Salk on keyboard, and Matthew Fildey on guitar.  The band plans to release their new EP S.O.M.E. (Suck On My Energy) via Nice Work/Warner Records this Friday.  Accompanying the release will be a Fall tour in select cities, including New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, with tickets being available on their website linked below.  

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