Mon Laferte wants you to feel “Biutiful” on new video

Mon Laferte’s range is one of the best attributes of the Chilean artist, but truth be told the artist is at her prime when she utilizes the edge of alternative rock. Making the best of rock-pop and power chords, Laferte shares her latest track “Biutiful” and declares her self-love on its accompanying visual.

Aside from “Plata Ta Tá” with Guaynaa, “Biutiful” acts as the first solo single of the year for Laferte and maintains her signature, free-spirited touch. Which is fitting as the first lines encourage celebrating yourself with a little fondling when you realize your own beauty: “Hoy me voy a tocar porque me siento biutiful.”

As expected, Laferte is seen caressing herself through a myriad of outfits and hair changes, untroubled at her own companionship in her best friend’s small apartment in Mexico City. Laferte’s casual tone is mischievous and purposely good-natured on the first few lines, building toward a well deserved climax.

The track is heavily built around the chorus and its anthemic bursts, very reminiscent of the celebrated alt-pop hits of the ’90s. This is where we find Laferte screaming in recognition that she is beautiful, no matter the garment or destruction of the world, to dance in the “circuits” that connect us all (“Todas las canciones, los circuitos se conectan”).

The track isn’t just an unapologetic assertion to be comfortable in your own skin or by your own touch. It goes on to encourage the simple facts of the day, be it a sunny day, or better yet, a new day to start all over. It’s a freedom of sexuality, comfort, love, and embracing the simple things that come at a time where the world may have taken it for granted.

“Esa es la idea principal de la canción, que una puede sentirse bien de cualquier manera, la belleza es una cosa de actitud, no necesitamos nada / That is the main idea of ​​the song, that one can feel good in any way, beauty is a thing of attitude, we do not need anything,” shares the artist in a statement on Por Publimetro Colombia.

Since the quarantine, Laferte has been active with fans and live streaming acoustic sets encouraging everyone to stay at home. With “Biutiful” Laferte offers yet another dosage of inspiration to find the beauty with our attitude.

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