Darius Martin embraces his soft-side on new single “Like We Used To Before”

Darius Martin is a genre-fluid artist drawing influence from pop and R&B to contemplate his innermost emotions. His latest single “Like We Used To Before” is a romantic reverie on the fated nature of falling in love. While everyone comes from different paths, Martin reminds us of the once in a lifetime chance to meet someone in the middle.

“Like We Used To Before” features ruminative riffs that trip over Martin’s soul-striking lyrics, hypnotic percussion, and transcendental atmospherics that take your breath away. Martin croons, “We could be / we could be / we could be anywhere in the world / Pick a time and a place / it’s a date / just say the word.” Martin’s songwriting on this track demonstrates an unwavering sense of certainty that could only be attributed to the safe haven of being in love. “Like We Used To Before” is a song for love in every shape and an ever-present reminder to slow down and appreciate each instant.

Darius Martin is a Los Angeles based musician. He graduated from the Los Angeles Film Institute in 2020, broadening his creative horizons. His journey began with his childhood spent in El Paso, Texas and Alamogordo, New Mexico. Take a listen to “Like We Used To Before” for a romantic tune just in time for Valentine’s Day.

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