dee holt explores the downward spiral of being “Sober” in her newest single

dee holt is a Montreal-based alternative-pop artist, and her newest single “Sober” is an alluring mix of haunting lyrics and underlying aesthetics that push forward her over-arching story about falling down bad paths- mentally and physically.

dee holt might not be a familiar name within the music scene- as she is relatively new, having only been in the business for less than a year – however, following the strong, upward success of her debut EP earlier this year, her newest offering continues to showcase the young Canadian artist at her best: mixing genres through groovy acoustic stutters and reggae-like beats.

You’d be remiss to overlook the fact there is a solid arrangement of underlying instrumentals that take prominence under dee’s own vocals: the drum beats & snares, and clicks for starters. Although, it is the very smooth kaleidoscope effect of the synth keys spread throughout that is the highlight of this 2-minute and 26-second song.

“Sober” as a whole offers a continued glimpse into the soaring, and articulate vocal range of dee, too.

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