Delphi’s “Free/Someday” is a much-needed soul-lifting tune

Rising Swedish pop star Delphi comes from Caribbean and West African roots, and on her new release “Free/Someday” she delivers an uplifting genre-bending track ripe with rich melodic runsm and dynamic grooves. Inspired by the current situation in the world and the global distress in places like Palestine, Sudan and Congo- Delphi decides to pen something to ease our souls and give us hope.

The fusion of R&B, afro beats, samba rhythms and contemporary instrumentation works well for Delphi as she seamlessly flows over the rich soundscape with her soothing vocal runs. The uplifting lyrics “Wont be there too see you cry/But I’m somewhere, somewhere/Won’t pick u up when your down But I care, I care” sees her showing empathy which is much-needed in these crazy times.

“Free/Someday” is a soulful new offering from Delphi that finds her giving a poignant take on pressing, important issues today atop lush instrumentation.

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