Delzum presents new EP, ‘Pfirsichbaum

Multi-instrumentalist and producer Delzum is taking his piano compositions to higher heights with his range of jazz-infused neo-classical pieces that traverses. time, space, and a wide range of emotions. His latest effort is the two-track EP titled Pfirsichbaum. The EP contains 2 original piano-driven compositions with assistance from collaborators Dario Lessing and Oyster Powder and the result is cinematic, dynamic and emotive.

The project starts off with the title track which sets the tone with its layered and sparking piano lines that slowly build up with subtle chord changes and a lot of ebb and flow that takes listeners through a series of emotions. From nostalgia, and sadness to finding hope once again, the record encapsulates the core of the human experience in this never-ending spinning Earth. This is followed by “Hitzewelle”, a solemn and melancholic piece that starts off with rapid piano riffs and moody notes. The song feels darker than the previous song and goes deep into the aforementioned emotions with its dynamic progressions and nonconformist arrangement that keeps listeners locked in from start to finish.

Pfirsichbaum will be accompanied by various live shows that would surely captivate audiences worldwide and establish Delzun as a rising force in the contemporary instrumental music scene.

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