DJ Hoang teams up with electronic artist RUNN for a powerful new single, “People Change”

Canadian DJ Hoang units up with rising electronic artist RUNN for an infectious new single, “People Change.” Hoang, known for his contagious beats and pulsing energy, has been a fixture in the electronic music scene for years, with a leading voice in the global EDM community.

“People Change” showcases Hoang’s talent for crafting infectious, danceable tracks while diving into deeper emotional territory. The chorus, “Sometimes people change,” is a potent reminder that life is constantly in flux, and even the people closest to us can surprise us with their transformations.

Paired with the stunning vocals of RUNN, the track is an instant classic that will keep listeners dancing while tugging at their heartstrings. RUNN, steadily gaining traction in the electronic music scene, is thrilled to work with Hoang on this project. “Working with Hoang has been an incredible experience,” she says. “His energy and passion for music are contagious, and I think we were able to create something truly special together.”

Listeners can expect a dynamic, high-energy track perfect for the dance floor or a solo listening session. “People Change” is available now on all major streaming platforms.

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