Space Fight shares reflective indie-synth pop track “Is It All”

Indie-pop trio Space Fight offers a glimpse of upcoming EP Hyperspeed with sparkling new single “Is It All,” which brings a burst of 80’s inspired indie-synth pop to life together with an introspective mood.

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With a bright and vibrant musicality draws from the dazzling warmth of their previousLP Do You Dream In The Daylight while also infusing freshness with darker, synth-tinged tones, the track weaves through a reflective path of Space Fight’s musical journey so far.

Headed by vocalist Spen Miles, alongside Tom Welch and Billy Hawkes, the act which formed in 2010 emerged stronger than ever after a long hiatus with their 2022 album, is set to enamour us once again with their forthcoming five-track offering.

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