New Remix Alert: Eflorem – “We Belong” (JackEl)

The skilled electronic music duo Eflorem is back with a banging release, this time a remix of JackEl’s latest track “We Belong.” In order for listeners to understand Eflorem’s artistry to the fullest, one must go and listen to the original version of “We Belong” as well as to the other remixes already out. Eflorem’s mindblowing mastery when it comes to adding the Bass House, Hyper House, Bass House, Hyper Pop, Trap and Dubstep fusion of elements and textures to the original banger is simply otherworldly!

Heather Worden and Dewey McManus, the two talented souls behind Eflorem, met while studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. Since then, their sound has in many ways evolved drastically and yet they always managed to keep their essence consistent throughout their new releases. 

Their unique sound, contagious energy, showmanship and & creative drive has been the unwavering foundation to their multi-layered influence within electronic music culture. “We Belong” is one more taste of Eflorem’s reach, skills and special talent. 

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