Earthquake Lights reminisce with Lindsey Lomis in “Pictures”

Four-piece alt-rock band Earthquake Lights have teamed up with Lindsey Lomis for their latest single, “Pictures.” The result is a stunning, melancholy track which emits a mystic energy, through brooding instrumentation and smoldering vocals. 

“Pictures” touches on the effect that social media has in all aspects of life, particularly when it comes to dating and relationships. Lead singer Rodenhouse shares, “Maybe you only feel connected to that person because of how immediate the internet and pictures have seemed to make them. But seriously what even are these connections you have with other people on the internet? Just because you see a picture of them it doesn’t mean they’re actually important to your life.”

With painfully relatable lyrics, Lomis sings, “Am I just a picture? Do you ever look for me? And I wonder if you saw me, would you tell me you remember my face?” The song provokes the questions that if social media didn’t exist, would we still feel the same anxiety and pressures? 

Lomis, who also features on the new Jacob Collier album, adds a beautiful elegance and soul-soaked tone to “Pictures.” Earthquake Lights continue to deliver outstanding anthems, all underpinned by breathtaking orchestral arrangements and indulgent melodies. “Pictures” is the perfect soundtrack for those lazy Sunday mornings. 

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