Ekoh may be “Famous on the Internet”, but he’s still a mess

Independent rapper turned rocker Ekoh is back at it again, diving into his feels on yet another rap/punk hybrid track. Ekoh began his rockstar journey with his tracks “Fentanyl” and “21st Century Meltdown”, fusing real emotions with really good guitar chords.

Since this musical detour, Ekoh has teamed up with his producers Matty Beats and Curt Martin to produce some of the best “Heart Hop” his audience has seen, including a surprising collab with pop-punk artist Loveless. But let’s dive into the track, shall we?

“Famous on the Internet” follows Ekoh’s signature pop-rock style, with lyrics that hit just as hard as the drums (played by Tosh the Drummer). A slow, calm chord progression leads us into the first verse where Ekoh talks about dealing with life’s struggle, and moving to escape depression – but at least his friends think he’s famous on the internet. As we get to the chorus, one can’t help but rock out – even just a little bit. The track is powerful musically and emotionally, and Ekoh just added a new hit to his pop-punk arsenal. We can’t wait to hear what he has in store for his next release.

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