Rapper HOLLYWOODMIGS drops colorful “Superstar” video

Navigating the waters as an indie artist these days can equally be both taxing and rewarding. On one hand, it’s hard to ensure that your stuff stands out amongst the millions of pieces of entertainment that is dropped every single day. On the other, if you do happen to standout, your slice of the pie is much more satisfying–both figuratively and literally. Hailing from Boston, rising rapper HOLLYWOODMIGS is on a mission to standout and makes a great introduction with his new single, “Superstar.”

Produced by Lolcat, the record finds HOLLYWOODMIGS showcasing his intriguing knack for melodic direction. Utilizing auto-tune in a crafty way, he bends his vocals in a calm, dormant manner, that creates for an engaging listen. Speaking on the trials and tribulations that what might be waiting for him on the other side of superstardom, he accurately croons about the duality of supporters and leeches alike, waiting to get their little slice of his ever-expanding utopia.

While many videos work to create a narrative that rappers are always partying and flanked by beautiful women, a random Tuesday night will find many of your favorite rappers hanging with the homies, playing video games in a very nice apartment. Directed by, VRTUPRESENTS, this is the exact direction MIGS chooses to go, opting to hang with his boys in a swanky high rise apartment filled with classic arcade games.

Speaking on the video, the Boston native said, “The video was pretty lit making every part. I linked up with my boy, VRTUPRESENTS, and he’s one of the hardest in Mass when it comes to videos. We were first thinking we need something to really suck you into a superstar lifestyle so the idea came about how we used a star that I saw in the sky and that would represent the superstar lifestyle shining on me.” He continues, “Then a big flash as it sucked me up into a different lifestyle/world, whatever you wanna to call it, and then the movie starts.”

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