Elliot Lee and GIRLI embrace differences in “Pink (Freak) Remix”

New York based dark pop artist Elliot Lee is known for their candid narratives all about finding one’s identity, navigating mental health struggles, and how important it is to join a supportive community when one feels lost. In their latest release, Elliot Lee has joined forces with U.K.’s GIRLI for a fierce remix of their single “Pink (Freak).”

“Pink (Freak) Remix” is an impressive duet with Elliot Lee’s and GIRLI’s alluring vocals confidently gliding over thrash rock-infused guitars and experimental alternative pop landscapes. With lyrics detailing embracing your inner freak and not giving a damn about bullies, gender norms and what society deems correct, Lee and GIRLI have created the ultimate anthem of self acceptance and inclusion. With “Pink (Freak) Remix,” the two artists who have a deep admiration for one another, wanted to create a song that touches their fans and shows them they are not alone in their eccentricities.

“Pink (Freak) Remix” is the first single of the year from Lee who dropped their concept EP Queen of Nothing last year. With a dedicated fanbase known as the “bubblegum army”, they continue to push the envelope on the experimental pop genre with their prolific releases. GIRLI is an artist and social media influencer hailing from London who grew up in the spotlight. Her latest music is heavily influenced by her newfound confidence as a bisexual woman. With influences ranging from cybergoth, grunge rock and electronic pop, GIRLI has developed a unique sound all her own.

Take a listen to “Pink (Freak) Remix” and remember it is wonderful to be different.

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