Elthia shows vulnerability on “i love you, but you make me cry”

Los Angeles local Elthia blesses our ears with her latest single “i love you, but you make me cry.” Letting her guard down, the songwriter gives us an honest look into some of her most intimate moments, with the song narrating her own story of a broken relationship. The track is a stunning amalgam of infectious indie pop, with earthy, folk vocals and classical-infused guitars, creating a unique sound that you won’t hear anywhere else. “i love you, but you make me cry” is a cinematic release, with its sweeping soundscapes engulfing the listener and plunging you into a dream-like world.

Elthia’s ability to craft sincere stories stemming from personal experiences is what allows her music to connect with audiences. From her very first words, you feel as if you know her and with each and every note, it brings back distant memories and happy nostalgic recollections. Although “i love you, but you make me cry” is thematically darker and more melancholy, you can’t help but feel a warmth and sense of familiarity from her music. She shares, “The message of the song is to tell the story of what it’s like to love something that hurts you every time you try to understand it. I wanted to show the duality of the two ideas that are constantly at war while existing inside of you, and showcase what the breaking point would actually be, if there is one at all.”

Providing a safe space and a shoulder to cry on when you need it, Elthia’s music is like an emotional purge, coming at a time when we all need it the most.

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