Tomi Tribe and Jadah Blue displays a sensational music video for “I Got It”

Tomi Tribe joins forces with the soulful enchantress, Jadah Blue, to unleash their latest masterpiece, “I Got It.” This scintillating fusion of R&B Afro-inspired rhythms.

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In a serendipitous turn of events, the genesis of “I Got It” dates back over a year, when Tomi Tribe and Jadah Blue were introduced through a mutual muse. The studio, their creative playground, witnessed magic unfold as Tomi unveiled the infectious beat, convinced Jadah’s vocals would paint the perfect picture. In an unprecedented twist, Tomi stepped into the vocal booth with Jadah, guiding the melodic soul of the track. This dynamic synergy catalyzed an astonishingly prolific recording process, a testament to their shared musical wavelength.

Fast forward to the present, where Tomi Tribe adds an extra layer of sonic finesse by enlisting artist Peruzzi to amplify the vibe of “I Got It.” The song’s lyrics, dripping with sensuality and allure, beckon listeners into a realm of passion and unity. Lines like “Show me that you want me, don’t be shy, Tonight,” and “Move my hips from left to right, Keep it up boy don’t be lazy,” weave an intoxicating narrative of self-assuredness.

The music video’s mesmerizing visuals perfectly encapsulate the track’s essence. With their magnetic synergy, Tomi Tribe and Jadah Blue present a tune that resonates deeply while making your body move uncontrollably. “I Got It” is a seductive invitation to experience love and passion through melody.

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