Enter philine’s vivid imagination in new single “green”

Dutch artist philine refreshingly opens up about her fantastical imagination with her latest release “green.” “green” is the first track to be released from her upcoming EP, aptly titled side-effects of living in a fantasy, where the singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist isn’t afraid to admit that her mind often wanders away from reality. 

philine shares, “I have a huge imagination, and I’m a big overthinker. I tend to live in fantasy more than reality. I get so caught up with how I perceive things and my almost movie like version of life. The upside to it is that with a mind like that, I’ll always have stories to tell. But the thing with a story is, it’s not reality, it’s a story. And it keeps you from living in the actual reality. When that happens, or when reality hits in my face, I isolate myself and become very absent to the outside world. These songs are the moments when I’m captured inside of my thoughts.”

The wholesome “green” shimmers brightly with warm guitar strums and a steady beat that gradually builds with layers of organic instrumentation. Her soulful vocals tell a tale of her first psychedelic experience, where her outlook on life shifted for the better. The songwriter explains, “‘green’ is about the bright side of life, love, and coming home. You’re surrendering to the collectiveness.”

If “green” is anything to go by, then we’re in for a treat with the impending release of side-effects of living in a fantasy.

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