Facade shows he has “What It Takes” on debut single

Behind the elusive alias Facade, is the 19-year old rising producer Nick Szary. His debut single “What It Takes” marks his first original release in his short yet explosive career. With an uplifting atmosphere complimented by an enthusiastic yet concise drop, this track is sure to carry you through these tough times.

As Facade began experimenting with a new style reminiscent of Grey and NOTD, he created an upbeat pop instrumental that needed a vocalist to match. When Alexis Donn added her heartfelt lyrics, the song truly started to take form. Both Alexis and Facade had been close friends prior to working on the track, and the final product is a perfect example of what strong synergies can lead to.

When asked about the track Donn shared with EARMLK, “What It Takes is a candid message about someone trying to find common ground in a relationship, while struggling to believe the other won’t let them fall. The messaging represents two paths that nearly connect time and time again, only to end up at the same crossroads”.

All in all, “What it Takes” sets a solid foundation for what is sure to be a big year for the Philadelphia-based producer and Seattle-based vocalist. 

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