Felid shares the addictive groove of “Blame”

Felid, the monicker of Bristol-based artist and producer Jay Rodger, is a compelling new voice in the sphere of alt-pop due to his kaleidoscopic and boundary-pushing approach. With his debut single, the warped and wonderful “Take It Off” not long in the rear view mirror, this inspired artist is clearly brimming with creativity, opting to drop the follow up, “Blame” in the same month.

Reminiscent of the likes of Zanski and Two Feet, the balance of downtempo and contemplative verses with the hard-hitting, melodious grooves of the crux of the track will grab you in an instant, making the call of the replay button hard to ignore. Pulling from themes of lo-fi R&B and colourful future bass and arranging them around his distinct artistic personality, Rodger has crafted a formidable alt-pop gem ready to be discovered.

“Have you ever had someone leave a relationship of any kind and felt like they blamed you for moving on?” he asks in an email statement. He continues, “If it was their choice to give up in the first place, why should you hold back? This track is exactly about that – giving yourself permission to move forward however you want to.”

Continuing in the same statement, Felid shares vivid insight to the songs inception, outlining that, “I got a job working nights at a hotel. Once I’d finished the stuff I needed to do I had time to create, before getting the place ready for the next shift. This track came from one of those nights. I remember it fell together pretty quickly and I had to try not to get too excited because I was on CCTV and would look crazy. That happened with a few tracks actually, and it made long night shifts and getting home at 8am completely worthwhile.”

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