Field Guide's single "Yellow" gives sneak peek of reimagined Coldplay album Parachutes

Winnipeg musician Field Guide announces his reimagining of Coldplay's seminal record, Parachutes with soothing track “Yellow,” a minimalistic, acoustic style production underpinned by Field Guide’s emotive vocals layered over vocalist Lizzy McAlpine’s husky lilt. Infused with originality and charm, the track gives us a glimpse of the cozy, intimate vibes that transform the classic Coldplay record into something more comforting and atmospheric.

 Written in the frigid temperatures of Canada’s Riding Mountain National Park, the track brims with unbridled warmth born out of its natural sonic sensibilities. Crafted on instinct with the band, Field Guide’s version of “Yellow,” develops with a life of its own, standing strong in its authenticity from the original.  

Perfectly fitting Field Guide’s trademark songwriting style framed around nostalgia and hope, the feel-good track is one more step in the prolific act’s constantly evolving musical journey as he gives himself the opportunity and creative freedom to reinvent one of the albums that ignited his passion in music as a young child.

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