Mr. SOS pays homage to the ones who came before him on "1212 (Ode to ATCQ)"

"1212 (Ode to ATCQ)" is the latest offering from veteran rapper Mr. SOS (formerly of CunninLynguists) and producer Maxamill, who team up to bring fans something refreshing and nostalgic. As the title suggests, it is inspired by the golden era of rap when ATCQ were at their peak and also sees the rapper namedropping some of his rap heroes who paved the way for him. Bolstered by Maxamill's somber guitar plucks, warm fuzzy basslines, and smooth drum grooves, Mr. SOS reflects on his life and journey and the influence ATCQ had on him. Mr. SOS really drops gems and life lessons on this tune and reminds listeners that being true to one's self is the best thing ever and thanks to ATCQ and others, we were able to enjoy the nuanced perspective of hip-hop during the time of the rise of gangster rap.

Mr. SOS is a highly respected lyricist and former member of the acclaimed group CunninLynguists. He is also a member of the Atlanta-based group Mighty High Coup and has a number of solo LPs and EPs to his name. His last project was the eleven/eleven collaborative project with the producer Mr. Enok.

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