figwurm shares transcendental 21-song album ‘a body, Nero is a horse’

figwurm has dropped off a new project, titled a body, Nero is a horse. Originally from Des Moines, Iowa, figwurm has traversed the United States, living in Minnesota, Chicago, and various parts of California before settling in Kansas City. His music is not tied to any regional influences but is instead shaped by creativity and his deep personal connections. figwurm is more than just a musician; he is also a painter, and both art forms influence each other in his creative process- making for a transcendental, imagery-rich listening experience. Across figwurm’s growing discography, he presents his approach as subversive, always seeking to push boundaries and challenge the status quo. He aims not just to create art that is aesthetically pleasing but to provoke critical thinking and challenge societal norms, as demonstrated by the off-kilter minimalism and rebellious energy of a body, Nero is a horse.

a body, Nero is a horse is a haunting ride through a wide range of soundscapes- with tracks like “TRANSPORTING PASTY CARGO” taking on crunchy grooves and raw samples that create an immersive bed for figwurm’s detailed performances. The digitalized, futuristic sonics of “FEBREEZE=)” are mind-bending, pairing with figwurm’s off-the-wall vocals to give the song an intangible quality. A highlight appears in the punk-influenced “GETTING PAPER”, with its emotive guitar riffs and mysterious sense of nostalgia, paired with an undertone of playfulness and freedom.

figwurm’s latest project a body, Nero is a horse, serves as a warning to listeners, using his own life as a parable to highlight the flaws in the system. The potent, raw sound of this project proves to be a catalyst for change and thought, with an admirable sense for risk-taking and genre-bending creativity.

Listen to figwurm’s project a body, Nero is a horse via BandCamp HERE.

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