néomí shares tender yet euphoric offering “someone new”

Surinamese/Dutch folk-pop singer-songwriter Neomi Speelman aka néomí shares tender offering “someone new,” which hones in on the euphoric energy that she’s been making her signature lately.

Delivering a welcoming yet intimate sonic experience, the track is an ode to Speelman’s therapist, expressing gratitude for the self-discovery and healing afforded by the process. Reminding us to be open to working on ourselves and improving from our past versions.

Acknowledging the pain and discomfort of this experience yet encouraging us to keep at it so we can move forward in life, the track unveils a feeling of freshness, brimming with the artist’s renewed energy and openness.

A glimpse of her upcoming debut album somebody’s daughter, this latest number continues to set up the dazzling path of Speelman’s musical journey. 

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