Finnegan Tui explores the limits of Folktronica on ‘Zephyr’

New Zealand native and now based in London, songwriter and composer Finnegan Tui has just dropped his stunning and unique new album Zephyr. It’s a project that showcases an artist with a unique approach to folk music, intertwining layers of dark electronica with his own blend of emotional folk music. Brought up with traditional folk education and classical guitar, Finnegan left New Zealand to explore and refine his craft – the result of which is the Zephyr EP which he describes as his “desire, fear, stories and failings”

The EP has a consistent theme throughout, and a standout element is Finnegan’s outstanding guitar performance. The whole project is laced with intricate plucking skills that add a unique texture to the sound, and there’s a swathe of dark ominous synths foreboding each phrase which has led to a worldwide listenership. As Finnegan elaborates “The way that the dark and atmospheric songs leading up to this have found so many on Spotify has felt like wind in my sails so thank you for the support! This is the biggest moment in my life so far”

The project starts with the lead single “The Guard”, one of the projects more sombre pieces, relying on subtle layers of production and Finnegan’s outstanding vocal chants. On “Once I’m Gone” and “Bones” Finnegan begins to tease the electronic production further, adding processed drums and synth bass to the mix. On the standout track “More” we hear this at full velocity, with a powerful breakdown that climaxes with thumping drum layers and ferocious synth bass. The track finishes with the enchanting “Spring”, a short track filled with emotion and stunning vocal harmonies. It’s clear from this release that Finnegan is a unique talent, able to blend styles with ease and to devastating effect. He explains his motivation behind Zephyr below

“I gave everything, all of me is in this EP. My desire, fear, stories and failings are all here.

I worked on ZEPHYR with my best friends, family, my childhood heroes and a wonderful team who poured all their passion into this project.

I hope there is something wild and alive in here for people.

Listen in full below

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