FISHLORD delves into self-expression on “WHAT’S YOUR NEED”

Trinidadian-American multi-instrumentalist FISHLORD delves into self-expression on “WHAT’S YOUR NEED,” an anthem weaving nu-metal with contemporary drum and bass. The first single from his debut EP WHAT’S YOUR NEED?, the track unveils the refreshing energy and versatile musical roots of nu metal, punk, and rock that the project is built on.

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Opening with melodic, introspective lyrics that crescendos into a raging chorus with breakbeat drums and heavy screamo vocals, the track brims with a sense of urgency led by quick pace and tension-building instrumentation.

A whirlwind offering founded in captivating layers of sonics and intimate lyrics reflecting FISHLORD’s upbringing as a first-generation immigrant, and the struggle to express himself compared to the demands of those around him, the track permeates our hearts and minds deeply and instantly.

The track is accompanied bykaleidoscopic and vibrant visuals that combine animation with live action to invite us into an energetic and colorful world of chaos and power.

With a career outside music as an English teacher in New York, FISHLORD continues to carve out an impressive space in music with his carefully crafted mystical and gritty artistry.

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