flyckt steps into the “Spotlight” on his debut single [Video]

On his debut single, “Spotlight,” Stockholm-based artist flyckt presents a dark, compelling examination of toxic relationships in an increasingly-online world. Following in the footsteps of artists like LordeAllie X, and Billie Eilish, “Spotlight” is a minimalist electropop track propelled by a pulsating bassline and throbbing kicks. Tension builds throughout the song as layers of drums are added on top of each other, before cutting out and allowing the simmering bassline a moment to breathe. Suddenly, the production explodes: drum machines go haywire, vocal samples are shattered and haphazardly thrown around the mix, and flyckt’s high-pitched voice turns to a frightened yelp. “Everybody knows we’re playing / We’re the people in the scene / We’re in the spotlight,” he whispers, and the cacophony dies down as quickly as it starts.

flyckt cites Chilean electronica artist Nicolas Jaar as a major influence. Jaar’s music is incredibly eclectic, ranging from industrial-tinged club music to avant-garde ambient noise. Parts of “Spotlight” certainly sound Jaar-esque, especially the chaotic beat breakdown in the bridge, and flyckt’s debut track is an enticing taste of a promising new artist. 

“Spotlight” is supported by a music video, shot entirely in black and white. flyckt and his lover, primarily seen in intimate closeups, kiss, smoke, and claw at each other. It’s difficult to know whether they love or hate each other; their faces remain almost entirely emotionless as bizarre images cut in and out of the video. At one point, flyckt’s lover cuts his hair, angrily, in an attempt to control his appearance and their relationship.

In addition to being his debut single, “Spotlight” also serves as the lead track off flyckt’s upcoming EP, Instant Gratification pt. 1. The project will be released on August 28th through Humming Records. Purchase “Spotlight” here.

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