Fractures shares his new brand of pop on EP “III”

Fractures’ latest EP, EP III, is a pop-minded electronic project peppered with collaborations. This, and his emphasis is on melody and production is what tells each song’s story. For the Melbourne-based singer/producer, lyrics are purely functional and designed mostly as a vehicle for the vocal melodies.  Where the songs lack in actual storytelling, they make up for it with visceral and emotional instrumentals. His melodies are  inspired by singer/songwriter pop rock, from John Mayer to Coldplay. The electronic component gives those melodies an extreme makeover, with a Chainsmokers-inspired final product. 

The first track, “Plateau” was a word that featured singer Montgomery had on her mind while she and Fractures were working on the track. “That became an integral part of the lyrical theme,” explains Fractures. “I’d never worked that way before, but it definitely gave the song a specific shape which I really enjoyed.”

With “Chains,” Fractures’ mission was to write a pop song. When he wrote the song five years ago, this was something he hadn’t done yet. With the help of ROZES (who was featured on the Chainsmokers 2015 hit “Roses”) he cranked out a radio-worthy worthy electronic pop song that would pave the way for his future work.

The second half of the record takes an introspective turn with “Feel,” “Addiction,” and “Give Me Love.” These three songs were written with his friend Will Luby, who helped him break out of his sonic comfort zone and experiment beyond his signature sound. All three are melodically uplifting, straying from Fractures’ typical territory: “sonic sadness.”

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