Francesca Wexler brings out her “Full Metal Jacket” for raw new single

Lagos, Nigeria-born, Toronto, Canada-based artist Francesca Wexler has shared a new song called “Full Metal Jacket”. The imposing cut acts as a lead single from her upcoming sophomore EP Cherry, and it follows up her prior track “Soft Porn”, which found her opting for a slight stylistic change from her previous more hip-hop influenced output with a sound drawing from psychedelic rock, shoegaze, and indie. “Full Metal Jacket” finds the ever-prolific Wexler delivering a hard-hitting new offering that refuses to be boxed in to simply one sound or style, with cathartic songwriting that is equal parts catchy and left-field.

“Full Metal Jacket” opens explosively with raw, swirling guitars and droning, murky bass creating an intense soundscape. The song builds dynamically with the guitars rising in layers and winding up the energy, joined by glitchy percussion as Wexler delivers powerful vocals that straddle the line between punk, hip-hop, and psychedelic rock. “Full Metal Jacket” culminates in an enticing, earworm hook, making it infectious while keeping its sound raucous and unrestrained throughout.

The latest from Toronto-based artist Francesca Wexler, “Full Metal Jacket” is a truly cathartic, expansive listening experience, and alongside her recent single “Soft Porn” it has us looking forward to the release of her upcoming EP Cherry with much anticipation.

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