Gabriella Bongo unveils powerful single “All Or Nothing”

South London songwriter-producer Gabriella Bongo unveils powerful single “All Or Nothing,” showcasing  the vocal prowess of Liam Bailey soaring over glittering synths and layers of drum and bass.

A soulful offering woven with emotional energy, the track is anthemic and uplifting as it taps into Bongo’s pursuit of her passion for music. Speaking of the single and working with Bailey, she says, “Growing up listening to a lot of UK music, I inevitably came across Liam Bailey – his most notable song for me being ‘Blind Faith’. I followed him on Instagram as a fan as his voice is incredible. When I became somewhat confident in my music I DMed him – although he did not respond for quite a while! Eventually he did and we had a session! I remember being so excited and so nervous. For about an hour, we were having a chat about our journeys in music so far and I remember telling him I felt as though I didn’t have a choice – I had to make a career out of music. I was doing my A-Levels at the time and already decided I wanted to go to music school afterwards, and so this session made me realise that after I was done with academia, I had to give music my all. Lyrically we drew a lot from that conversation and the space it had put us in.”

Drawing from House, DnB, 90s RnB and cinema, Bongo’s “pick and mix” musicality sees her craft fast-paced, sentimental atmospheres rooted in vivid stories. 

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