Get familiar with Miami artist HEYGRIMY and his colorful new video for "Pretty Secrets"

No matter who you are, or where you're from, everybody has their secrets. Hailing from Miami, rising lyricist HEYGRIMY doesn't see secrets as necessarily a bad thing, though. For many people, our scars are what make us more human and relatable, allowing for people to find common ground in our struggles instead of just our successes. Looking to drive this notion home, GRIMY drops off his intriguing new video for his latest single, "Pretty Secrets."

Almost immediately, the sheer combination of HEYGRIMY's obvious on-screen charisma with his infectious vocal tone are more than enough to pique interest in the rest of the record. Produced by Pacific, the duo do a great job of meshing pop-punk and hip-hop elements together, making for a genre mash up that sounds much better than it might in theory. Crooning about a longing to know more of what's going on inside the head of his lover, his surprisingly vast vocal range allows for him to really portray these emotions effectively, especially when coupled with the accurate visuals captured by GRIMY, who directed the video himself. 

With an EP on the horizon, "Pretty Secrets" serves as a wonderful introduction into the world of HEYGRIMY for those that are unfamiliar. Take a peek at the video above and get more aquatinted. 

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