Get hip to 23-year-old Texas artist Dee Gatti and her engaging new single “Chances”

Risk taking is not for everybody. For some people, they prefer to stay in their comfort zone, which, provides them just enough joy without many of the pitfalls of disappointment. But for others, that sliver of excitement tends to give them an addiction to taking risks and seeing what’s behind that other door, no matter what they may face. Hailing from Fort Worth, rising songwriter, Dee Gatti touches on this exact theme on her appealing new single, “Chances.”

Produced by Coop Da Truth and Shraban, “Chances,” is an engaging single that finds Gatti talking about many of the pros and cons of looking for love. Riding the polished production with relative ease, she fully establishes her abilities as a songwriter, penning relatable lyrics like, “Girl, I’m tryna be optimistic, but you got me rollin’ off my pivot.” Meshing that with her knack for melodic progression and it’s easy to see why her sound has started to generate a real buzz. 

Another one of the more impressive feats about the single is the structure of the record. In a world that often values quick-bit-content over something that makes you stop and think, pulling off a 3-and-a-half-minute R&B record without a feature is nothing to scoff at. Letting the production breathe in some crucial moments, she establishes a chemistry with the beat that allows for her to do just that while avoiding things getting stale, a testament to her engineering team.

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