Arash Behzadi reflects on synchronicities on new album ’11:11′

Canadian/Iranian neo-classical pianist and composer Arash Behzadi shares invites us to explore the concept of synchronicities and unexplained experiences in his life on mesmerising album 11:11, delivering his signature blend of minimalist music intertwining with evocative visual metaphors that incorporate dance, theatrical performance, film, and animation.

A collection that urges us to contemplate the depth and mystery of life, the thoughtful and deep production is soothing and mystical in its core message that everything and everyone has some significance in this universe.

Spanning a range of human emotions from profound sadness and loss to exhilaration and new beginnings within vibrant piano melodies, Behzadi’s classic yet refreshing musicality is one that draws us into the intricacies of life with seamless ease.

With a dynamic ability to create a dreamy atmosphere filled with mysterious yearning as well as a tender sense of honesty and intimacy, Behzadi consistently showcases depth and improvisationin his artistry.

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