Glvsshouse releases emotional new music video for “Broken & Lost”

Boston artist glvsshouse releases new visual for heart-gripping track “Broken & Lost.”


glvsshouse has a bright future ahead, especially since his debut single “Games” was hand-selected by the great Pharrell in his latest compilation iAMOTHER Vol. 1. “Broken & Lost” is a really powerful track that gets us all in our feelings through heart-breaking lyrics and a vocal performance full of unrestrained emotion.
glvsshouse created this song to show how much pain creators can go through when they’re in their creative process. The beautiful yet painful words show that glvsshouse isn’t afraid to get personal with his songwriting as he puts his raw soul on full display. The upbeat rhythm is an ambitious combination against the distressing message. The accompanying music video perfectly matches the lyrics and the tone of this entire track, as we see glvsshouse alone, in anguish as he fights against himself and his own demons. Press play if you feel alone and need a reminder that you aren’t the only one going through something. Rest assured that you will get through anything. 
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