GUY connects with A-Money$ for fresh offering, “Reminded” [Video]

GUY has dropped off a fresh release, titled “Reminded”, featuring A-Money$. Hailing from New Jersey, GUY has carved out a lane for himself by embodying sounds from rap, R&B, and indie rock, with each release adding to his versatility. His music inspires feelings of optimism, love, and youth with his energizing sound and potent songwriting. For his latest offering, GUY returns with a vibrant track that brings together hip-hop, R&B, and pop aesthetics cohesively, paired with a refreshing music video directed by Joe Viso.

[embedded content]

Balmy, atmospheric guitars open “Reminded”, creating a laid-back backdrop for GUY and A-Money$’s silky smooth vocal performances. As punchy, bouncy 808s and airy percussion lock in a sleek groove, they build vocals in a dynamic fashion- laced with buttery, memorable melodies. The accompanying video emanates a vibrant warmth, equipped with nostalgic backdrops that add character to the breezy track- paired with a relaxed, confident performance from GUY that keeps the viewer engaged.

The latest from GUY and A-Money$, “Reminded” is a colorful track that blends elements of hip-hop, R&B, and pop for an easy-going, infectious offering.

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