Hector Oaks x Coco-Paloma live in the present on ‘No Hay Mañana’

Berlin-based techno DJ/producer Hector Oaks and vocalist Coco-Paloma drop atmospheric, expansive debut EP No Hay Mañana, which much like its name – translating to ‘there is no tomorrow’— urges us to live in the moment. Blending Paloma’s whispered vocals with Oaks’ trademark techno sound, the six-track production makes for a transportive sonic experience that expands the past, present and future in a potent concoction that breaks down genre barriers.

Beginning with a vivid spoken-word intro, title track “No Hay Mañana” brings thumping drum patterns and hazy synths punctuated by Paloma’s haunting vocals to life. The club mix which follows immediately after switches moods with a more anthemic soundscape. The EP infuses upbeat dark-pop sensibilities on stand-out offering “Danger 4 U,” smoothly weaving mature vocal tones with booming instrumentals while “Player Three” adds an eerier vibe with its trap-techno combination.

Paloma and her mentor Oaks have spent three years working together and No Hay Mañana, recorded during lockdown, feels like a culmination of an era of their collaboration that beckons much more music. The 18-year-old Paloma’s refreshing energy and lifelong love for music meets with Oaks’ established techno setup in an explosive showcase that sees them carve out a space for themselves in Berlin’s underground music scene.

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