Horseshoes drops his authenticity in ‘Black Snow’

Horseshoes, an Indie-Rock artist, has released a new album called ‘Black Snow.’ The album has 10 tracks exploring the artist’s journey and the challenges of staying true to oneself. Horseshoes’ daughter’s birth inspired him to create an album that reflects his evolving worldview and willingness to experiment with different music styles.

‘Black Snow’ is a mix of Indie-Rock and Americana music, and it pays tribute to famous artists like Elliott Smith, Alex G, Sufjan Stevens, and Wilco. The album is 35 minutes and 24 seconds long and ends with a beautiful song called “Santa Cruz.”

The album is about the artist’s journey to find his true self, and it encourages listeners to do the same. The songs are emotional and relatable, inviting listeners to reflect on their lives. ‘Black Snow’ is a masterpiece that transcends conventional music genres and challenges societal expectations.

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