Toronto’s Devon Cole releases the flirty new single “Hey Cowboy” [Video]

Toronto-based alt-pop singer and songwriter Devon Cole releases her gloriously infectious new single “Hey Cowboy” via Arista Records. An instant earworm, the track’s melodies are low-key seductive while Cole’s vocals are honeyed to perfection.

For those who love a cowboy-related single, this is the stuff of dreams. Cowboy hats, boots and the incredibly jacket fringe, “Hey Cowboy” is a sleek pop single laced with sexual undertones. With jangly guitar lines and underscored with classy bass beats, the single unravels to be a fun and flirty number that needs to be sung at high volume. Sharing the track alongside an inclusive pool party visual, Devon Cole is quickly becoming a pop artist that is paving the way for pop in the modern age.

“’Hey Cowboy’ is a song where I’m embracing my sexuality (and my affection for cowboys),” explains Cole. “I love songs that are a little flirty, a lot flirty. It’s downright fun to own my sexual appetite and sing freely about it. I get fired up (in a good way) hearing women sing candidly and unapologetically about sex. Especially when it’s raunchy. ‘Hey Cowboy’ is the first song of mine where I’m stepping into that.”

“Hey Cowboy” is an instant classic. An alt-pop song built on fun and substance. Get those cowboy hats out people, it’s time to head down to the rodeo.

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