Hugh Lee shares new project 'The Younger I Get'

Chi-town native Hugh Lee shares his new 8 track body of work titled The Younger I Get, whose title is inspired by Childish Gambino's debut EP of the same name. Hugh Lee keeps the features to the barest minimum with just one feature from Leo W3st but brings in a host of producers to help shape his sound. On the production tip, we have Jack Flash, Brando Jordan, Monarch, Black Mayo,93meexhie, Marcus, and Lesean who craft a wide range of sounds for the rapper to pour his heart over.

The project opens up with the moody sounds of "Dead Poet's Society" which set the tone for the rest of the album. Hugh Lee goes off with his highly melodic style and carefree demeanor which permeates most of the songs here. On "Sadder Day" he shows an emotional side as he explores the duality of being successful but still not satisfied internally as he still has bouts of sadness every now and then. Although he doesn't get too profound with his issues, he still gives listeners a glimpse into some of the things troubling him.  In "Face Off" he teams with Leo W3st for a bass-heavy, bravado track that is pure fun from start to finish. From Lee's animated flow, wild adlibs, and melodies to W3st's booming vocals, the record brings together two distinct styles in a seamless fashion. On "Return Of The Dragon" Lee lays off the melodic flow and delivers his verses with a commanding tone while still reminding us that he is not the one to play with.  

For the most part, Hugh Lee is living his life making the type of music he likes without a care in the world. He doesn't try to go over our heads with metaphors and internal rhyme schemes but he shows brilliance every now and then with his impressive flow and mastery of different cadences. While his previous project Cabrini set the foundation for the rapper, The Younger I Get takes it to a new stage where Hugh Lee is in a different stage in his life and things are looking up. He adds via email that the project is his most honest body of work and serves as a form of release for his emotions and inner freedom.

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