Huw and the Greater Good drop infectious new single “Dopamine”

Indie-pop trailblazers Huw and the Greater Good have unveiled their latest single, “Dopamine,” following substantial support from renowned UK national radio.

Produced by Jamie Lockhart at Greenmount Studios, “Dopamine” showcases the band’s talent for crafting catchy melodies within tight guitar-driven compositions. Blending indie-rock, pop, and psychedelic influences, the track exudes a fresh indie-pop vibe while drawing on the band’s 70s rock and soul roots.

The song wastes no time, plunging listeners into an infectious chorus propelled by fuzzy guitars, disco-inspired drums, and a subtle yet anchoring bassline. Transitioning seamlessly through verses and choruses, “Dopamine” culminates in an enthralling instrumental section before a euphoric final chorus, leaving a lasting impression.

Discussing the track, the band explained, “Dopamine captures the overwhelming sensory rush in today’s world, delving into addictive and obsessive tendencies in a vibrant yet unsettling setting.”

Formed in 2020, Huw and the Greater Good draw inspiration from bands like Cage the Elephant and Arcade Fire. Led by Huw Eddy’s soulful vocals, their live performances are emotive and liberating, earning praise from BBC’s Janice Long. With ‘Dopamine’ out now, the band promises more groundbreaking material, continuing their journey of self-discovery and musical evolution.

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