Ice Prince and Ckay team up for new Afropop R&B ballad "Shakara"

"Shakara" is an Afropop infused ballad from Nigerian artists rapper/songwriter Ice Prince and singer-songwriter CKay (of ‘’Love Nwatintin’’ fame). The mid-tempo track produced by Blaise Beatz is ripe with lush guitar riffs, engulfing bright chords with a smooth percussion-led drum groove to match. CKay leads the charge here with his soft melodic tones blending Nigerian Pidgin English with R&B sensibilities as he pours adulation on the girl of his dreams. Ice Prince follows suit with a patois-infused flow before switching to proper rap schemes littered with evocative and love-soaked bars for his lady. For those not in the know, the title "Shakara" is Nigerian slang for fronting.

"Shakara" is Ice Prince's first release since the Oxlade assisted "KOLO" and Ckay’s first single since his 2019 single ‘’Love Nwatintin’’ peaked on the Billboard charts becoming one of the most Shazamed songs in the world.

Ice Prince is a Nigerian rapper and singer-songwriter who started his career on the prestigious Nigerian label Chocolate City where he released his debut album Everybody Loves IcePrince in 2011. He also had a stint as the CEO of the label before leaving to establish his own outfit named Super Cool Cats.

CKay is a Nigerian singer-songwriter and producer previously signed to Chocolate City but is now a member of Warner Music Group's independent label services ADA. He currently has one EP under his belt CKay The First and also featured/co-produced on Nigerian superstar Davido’s A Better Time LP. 

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