Seul is completely alone in his thoughts in “Loser”

The pandemic has been difficult for everyone with some experiencing more consequences and hardships than others. Brooklyn-based artist Seul not only found loneliness in isolation but also extreme creativity. His debut single “Loser” and his project as a whole, was created and influenced entirely by the lockdown. Seul means alone in French and his debut EP really is a solo effort with all instruments being performed by him alone. Further, the production and engineering was also done entirely by himself. Seul confides, “I was very alone and all the people I usually collaborate with or depend on where not available. So I got this inspiration to do it alone. Fortunately, this has been an emotional but musically rich time for me. I’m very fortunate that I can play a lot of instruments.”

“Loser” is quirky yet still relatable, with colorful soundscapes, ’90s hip-hop fused rhymes and shimmering indie-pop melodies. Thematically, “Loser” details the negativity that comes from over analyzing oneself during periods of boredom. Seul relates, “My first single Loser, relates to what I think a lot of people felt during these times. You finally have time to yourself and that’s when you realize all your flaws, all the things you always blamed for not having time as the excuse. I had this frustration in me that came out in the form of this song.”

Seul succeeds in crafting a sound that feels familiar yet is still exploratory and distinctive. The producer and songwriter promises more music to come, and we can’t wait to hear what is next.

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